SemanticV is an innovative technology company that provides adaptive concept aware information tools. SemanticV is currently delivering semantic technologies that are directly applicable to the problems of Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web. Companies with interests in unstructured data can benefit significantly from partnering with SemanticV.

Stingray is SemanticV’s core technology, which helps people to explore large amounts of information using concepts.

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Data Intelligence

Information has become a firehose. Companies need to be able to navigate their own documents efficiently. We can help.

» Stingray for Data Intelligence

Adaptive Information Tools

Stingray is a dynamic semantic information tool. Stingray can...

  • Learn meanings for words based on how they are used.
  • Explore information using concepts.
  • Discover themes in a body of text.


Once you’ve gotten your documents for a case, what do you do? Search is helpful but assumes you know what you’re looking for. When you need to make sense of what you have, we can help.

» Stingray for eDiscovery

Ad Targeting

Tired of targeting all possible keywords or figuring out the right combination of keywords? Keywords are old. Semantic concept buys are the future.

» Stingray for Ad Targeting

Stringray UIMA

Download the Stingray UIMA annotators and try Stringray for free! Sample classifiers for general english based on Wikipedia and news feeds will alow you to add semantic tagging to your data pipeline.


SemTech Materials

Thanks to all of you who came by our booth and attended our presentation.  It was really a tremendous week and we're happy to have had the chance to share ideas.  We had some requests for copies of our presentation so we've attached it and some of our other conference materials.

 Presentation Slides