Adaptive Information Tools

Stingray is a dynamic semantic information tool. Stingray can...

  • Learn meanings for words based on how they are used.
  • Explore information using concepts.
  • Discover themes in a body of text.

Data Intelligence

Information has become a firehose. Companies need to be able to navigate their own documents efficiently. We can help.

» Stingray for Data Intelligence


Once you’ve gotten your documents for a case, what do you do? Search is helpful but assumes you know what you’re looking for. When you need to make sense of what you have, we can help.

» Stingray for eDiscovery

Ad Targeting

Tired of targeting all possible keywords or figuring out the right combination of keywords? Keywords are old. Semantic concept buys are the future.

» Stingray for Ad Targeting

Stingray is SemanticV’s core technology, which helps people to explore large amounts of information using concepts.

Stingray can…

Learn meanings for words based on how they are used.

  • In Wikipedia, Stingray knows that the word Apple is used to refer to Computers, iPods, Flavors and also Fruits. Searching for documents with the word Apple and the concept iPod will not result in Apple Pie recipes even if the recipe mentions iPods.
  • Many semantic technologies use a predefined thesaurus or dictionary. This limits investigations to known words and meanings. Stingray has learned that in Wikipedia, ‘YouTube’ is related to film, video, podcasting and MySpace.

Explore information using concepts

  • Stingray can guide you through relevant paragraphs, sentences, or words. In Wikipedia, while searching for ‘apple music download’ Stingray will highlight words like iTunes, Audio, Formats, Tracks and iPod, drawing your attention to paragraphs where these topics are discussed.

Discover themes in a body of text

  • Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, Stingray can give you a summary of all the information in a document set. In Wikipedia some of the strongest concepts, in order, are Occupations, Geography, Men, Musicians, Sports and Women.

Associate people with common interests

  • Given a pool of email or blog posts, Stingray can identify which groups of people are having similar conversations, even if they do not use the same terminology.

Stingray is currently available in the following products

Stingray UIMA
Stingray components for UIMA
Stingray Finder
Standalone concept exploration

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