Ad Targeting


Tired of targeting all possible keywords or figuring out the right combination of keywords? Keywords are old. Semantic concept buys are the future.

Stingray for Advertising

Stingray is a semantic technology that makes life easier for the advertiser and the ad network. Stingray can ascertain ad concepts and target ads more effectively than keyword combinations. Our ad on will integrate with any targeting network to get you beyond keywords.

Stingray can…

Learn meanings for words based on how they are used.

  • Targeting ads by keywords requires stopwords to be used. So targeting ads for restaurants require you to put in stopwords of "sickness, salmonella" etc. A better solution is to use concepts ascertained from the page to know the page qualified as "restaurant, recommendation, review" rather than "restaurant, illness, health department". This is how Stingray works to make ad targeting more effective and accurate.

Explore information using concepts

  • Stingray can target advertising to relevant pages, paragraphs, sentences, or words, drawing your attention to regions where targeted ads are applicable.

Discover themes in a body of text

  • Stingray can target ads to relevant pages where a keyword may not exist, but the content is applicable, widening your ads deliverability.