Once you’ve gotten your documents for a case, what do you do? Search is helpful but assumes you know what you’re looking for. When you need to make sense of what you have, we can help.

Stingray for eDiscovery

Stingray is our core product that is able to extract concepts unique to any data set. Email jargon a problem? Not for us. Not sure what you’re looking for? Save the hours of labor and let our technology give you a navigable map, enabling you to explore millions of documents quickly and efficiently.

Stingray can…

Learn meanings for words based on how they are used.

  • Email is packed with internal jargon that may have no meaning out of context. Stingray will identify jargon by it's meaning.

Explore information using concepts

  • Stingray can guide you through relevant paragraphs, sentences, or words, drawing your attention to regions where targeted topics are discussed.

Discover themes in a body of text

  • Even if you don't know what you're looking for, Stingray can give you a summary of all the information in a document set. In Wikipedia some of the strongest concepts, in order, are Occupations, Geography, Men, Musicians, Sports and Women.