Stingray Finder

Oasis UIMA

OASIS is the standards group producing the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA). This architectural common ground allows information workers and algorithm developers to work together more easily. Stingray is available as UIMA components.

Apache UIMA

Apache UIMA is a UIMA framework and tools implementation project. Stingray UIMA components are compatible with Apache's UIMA implementation.

Adaptive Information Tools

Stingray is a dynamic semantic information tool. Stingray can...

  • Learn meanings for words based on how they are used.
  • Explore information using concepts.
  • Discover themes in a body of text.

Stingray UIMA Layer

Stingray UIMA components expose the raw power of Stingray to application developers and information workers. Basic operations for concept discovery and semantic tagging are now available at the component level using the OASIS UIMA architecture. Stingray UIMA components are tested with the Apache's UIMA implementation.

Stingray UIMA Components include a variety of semantic Annotators as well as a Collection Processor so that Stingray components are able to identify jargon particular to the data set.

Stingray Concept Annotator

The Concept Annotator provides possible meanings for words based on their context.

XML Descriptor: StingrayConceptAnnotator.xml
Type System: StingrayTypeSystem.xml

Stingray Meaning Annotator

The Meaning Annotator decides on the most probable meaning for words based on their context.

XML Descriptor: StingrayDisambiguationAnnotator.xml
Type System: StingrayTypeSystem.xml

Stingray MainIdea Annotator

The MainIdea Annotator determines the predominant concepts for each document.

XML Descriptor: StingrayMainIdeaAnnotator.xml
Type System: StingrayTypeSystem.xml

Stingray Category Annotator

The Category Annotator determines the predominant concept for each document.

XML Descriptor: StingrayCategoryAnnotator.xml
Type System: StingrayTypeSystem.xml

Stingray Keyword Suggestion Annotator

The Keyword Suggestion Annotator provides a list of possible keywords to summarize the text. Because of Stingrays concept awareness, it may suggest words that do not appear in the text but are semantically relevant.

XML Descriptor: StingrayKeywordSuggestionAnnotator.xml
Type System: StingrayTypeSystem.xml

Stingray Aggregate Annotator

The Aggregate Annotator orchestrates the Stingray components to work in concert with each other or with your custom or third party UIMA components.

XML Descriptor: StingrayAggregateAnnotator.xml
Type System: StingrayTypeSystem.xml

Stingray Dynamic Language Analyser

The Dynamic Language Analyser gives the Stingray components increased accuracy and insight by dynamically discovering the range of concepts that exist in a set of documents. By previewing the document set, Stingray can accurately Annotate documents that contain specialized jargon that exists only in the dialect of the documents themselves.

Sample Annotations from Stingray MainIdea, Concept and Meaning Annotators: hotdog.txt.xmi

Stingray UIMA components require the Stingray runtime and license.
See the Stingray product page for details.